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A Large-Scale Environmental Public Art Project

Developed by BlueLab Preservation Society in partnership with the City of Miami Beach and Coral Morphologic, the ReefLine will feature environmentally-functioning artworks by major international artists and designers, to be completed in several phases, with the first phase slated to open December 2021. The 7 mile underwater public sculpture park, snorkel trail and artificial reef will be located off Miami Beach’s shoreline.Conceived by BlueLab’s Chair Ximena Caminos, in close consultation with a team of expert marine biologists, researchers, architects and coastal engineers, the ReefLine will begin in South Beach and run north, providing a critical habitat for endangered reef organisms, promoting biodiversity and enhancing coastal resilience.


Through private commissions and open calls, the curatorial team will select artists and designers for the underwater installations. Works must meet the design criteria, which limits the materials to limestone or cement, the most natural and common building material used in South Florida construction, and the material preferred by State and Federal agencies for artificial reef deployment.Oolitic limestone and cement is well-proven for use as an artificial reef structure since the porosity and chemical makeup of the structure is ideal for coral growth and reef habitat. These materials also allow a wide variety of artistic interpretation that will catalyze the marine community that will begin to colonize it. Additionally, by working with local coral restoration groups, it will be possible to transplant nursery-grown corals directly to the ReefLine to further accelerate reef development and enhance biodiversity.


Kate Fleming Portrait


Blue Lab Preservation Society is a 501c3 with a focus on building a positive impact to help address water pollution, climate change, and environmental issues. Led by its Chair Ximena Caminos, and Vice Chair Kate Fleming of environmental-art organization Bridge Initiative, the BlueLab Preservation Society employs art, science, culture, and design as galvanizing channels for its sustainability program. BlueLab develops responsive strategies and solutions with a core mission to educate and inspire global environmental action by directing funds raised through philanthropy towards innovative projects (domestic and worldwide) that seek to restore, reinforce, and protect coastal marine ecosystems, rivers, and lakes.

Kate Fleming Portrait

Coral Morphologic

Marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay founded Coral Morphologic in Miami in 2007. The focus of their art, research, and community action is centered on pioneering urban coral communities in Biscayne Bay. After years of studying this ecosystem, they have identified populations of highly biodiverse and resilient coral communities that are colonizing the man-made infrastructure along the bay's developed areas. In conjunction with NOAA and the University of Miami's ACCRETE Lab, Coral Morphologic is studying these coral populations to better understand their apparent resistance to disease, siltation from dredging, and pollution as compared to offshore natural reefs.



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